Approach to its Cultures and Ethnic Groups
A Social Sciences Essay in 6 Sections
By Darío Morán

Section 5 Social Analysis

The ethnographical map of my country is populated by these 4 peoples and which form the 24 ethnic groups, already studied in this essay, producing an eclectic melting pot of races and cultures and originating with their own traditions, beliefs and ways of living what I have called many times the GUATEMALIDAD , the essence of everything producing a unique GUATEMALAN IDENTITY meaning the real NATIONALITY of all persons living and loving this beautiful country in Central America.

I also wrote once, a historical anthology transformed into a multiethnic drama-dance with its name which was performed in the largest department of Guatemala El Petén during its Patron Saint Festivity in January 2006 my objective when writing that dance play was to show the most positive historical events of my country in different epoches.

It seems that everything is running smoothly and very well in Guatemala but when we think of four peoples forming the society of a Central America country it comes to our minds this question : “How can they live together? ‘”

A more complex mental exercise is needed to imagine the reality of twenty four ethnic groups interacting and living in the same territory, it becomes really too difficult to understand but hope is good with sincere efforts of all Guatemalans and friends of Guatemala.

Besides this still too complicated situation I do think that the Conquest, the Colony and some wrong political and economical actions taken thru time since; have made life difficult to the majority in each one in the 24 groups.
During the Colony some members of some groups received more benefits than other, from authorities, religious orders and church directors who had the power-new social and economical situation differences appear and created problems, the poor wants to be rich but the rich doesnt want to be poor-satuts affects, and adding to this situation the wrong distribution of the land which produced the riches for a few : good crops transformed in monetary profits, but produced as always by the same majority of the population : the poor and indigenous people; and this time bomb is still there , lets hope it wont explode and cause as always the worst social problems everywhere where marked differences happen to be.

This is why in the present many social economical and social political institutions and concerned guatemalans, are presenting different instances, working hard to create a better understanding of topics like intercultural relations,social and cultural diversities and other, and of course the accomplishment of the best results in benefit of all.

All this has become a road up the hill because there are still frictions and discrimination in many ways : Maya to Ladinos, Ladinos to Mayas and Mayas to Mayas, fortunately Xincas and Garífunas are in some way quite apart of this situation.

By DarioMoran

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