By Dario Morán, from Guatemala the land of the eternal spring.

Procesión del Lago de Amatiltán

Hello,everybody, I wish to share with you the tradition of a religious parade that happens in Amatitlán, village at 28 kms.from Guatemala City.
Over there there is a statue of baby Jesus and every May 3rd. the catholics take the wooden image out from the church and start a very colorful procession on boats, because they move baby Jesus statue and sit it on a special chair which has been carved on the rocks beside the lake waters. on May the third we also celebrate the day of the holy cross.
All masons build an altar for the cross and erect one which they docorate beautifully on top of the construction they are working on.
Of course at the end of the day they celebrate with some guatemalan Gallo beer, the national brand.

Hope to share with you more of our traditions. Whatever you wish to know of my country´s culture don´t hesitate to write to me thru :
Thanks for reading my writings.

By DarioMoran

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