By Dario Morán-Guatemala

To say thank you is an old polite formality probably originated since the first couple of friends somewhere and sometime in a place of this world,found that both of them were sincere and honest.

Parents in every cultue taught their children to say thank you at the same time they taught them to say hello, because these two magical words will let people meet,give and receive with friendship what they need which sometimes is not necessarily material things.

THANKS can be discomposed letter by letter as : Thou are very important to me, hello is my greeting to good people like you, anytime you need me here I am with open arms and open heart for you, kisses should be given to everyone in the world,to love should be the strongest law to obey, smile and thanks and you will the owner of the planet.

I thought and wrote this to tell my readers thank you for reading my essays, articles, poems and sill things which come out from my 52 year old brain and 15 year old heart and a body that will start its rejuvenation very soon. Dont think I am a scientist I am just a writer and poet from Guatemala a very beautiful country located in Central America and the one with 24 ethnic groups all living together and trying to find their own general identity. I am half Maya, half Spanish and with two drops of Irish blood in my veins.

I will continue enjoying knowing of all of you, I feel so satisfied with readers opinions and whatever I can do for you in terms of information of my country go ahead you only have to ask.
I also enjoy helping students in Social Studies homeworks on Guatemalan topics when they dont find the right info.

Bye every one, wishing the best to you and your families.
Can also write to me thru :
If you do it I will give you my other 25 spaces included blogs and web.sites.

Now, Yes…Bye until next…..Baiká : good bye in Tzutuhil Maya from the west highlands.

From Hello Everybody, yes this is Darío Morán, 2008/04/26 at 4:01 AM

By DarioMoran

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